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There is a misunderstanding that haircuts for men are one-size-fits-all, which is far from the truth! Each cut defines your unique style and combines it with a complete look. If you know what kind of cut you want, that is great. We will tailor your hair according to the latest trends in men’s hair. Not sure which style is right for you? No problem! Our stylists at Dundas Square Barbers can recommend the best look for your unique style. The most popular men’s hairstyles include the classic smooth back texture, sleek razor cuts, and sleek fading scissors.

Clipper fade hairstyles are becoming more popular and can be customized for a low, medium or high fade. Men with thicker, fuller hair can tame their manes with styles such as spiky sides or sharp, faded puffs. Those who want to keep things simple will love GQ-inspired Ivy League cuts or popular cuts.

  • Modern grooming style
  • Professional stylists

  • Keeping up with latest trends
  • High quality tools

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